Multi-layer grow cabinet for vegetables herbs and microgreens


dimensions: 218 x 174 x 78 cm
set up: 4 floors 160 x 60 cm
lighting: 6 x Sylvania Batten Twin link 48 Wattt, 1500mm
1 x Sylvania Batten Twin link 42 Wattt, 1200mm
fan: G-tools 2 speed 220-360m3 per hour
filter: Prima Klima K2601, 360m3
timer: fused timerbox with timer, IP40


Multi-layer grow cabinet for vegetables herbs and microgreens

This grow cabinet for vegetables herbs and microgreens has a very high production capacity. The cabinet can easily produce 15 kilograms per week of leafy greens, salads, herbs and microgreens. The 3 layers of the cabinet offer you 3-m2 growing surface. Above every layer, you will find two energy efficient led bars. These LEDs produce enough light with the right spectrum for growing leafy greens, vegetable herbs and microgreens.


Microgreens are sprouted vegetable seeds. They have passed the germination phase and already have a few leaves in the typical colour of the type of vegetable. Microgreens are extremely tasty and are most commonly used as a garnish in soups, salads and sandwiches.
For growing sprouts and microgreens we sell special grow mats and grow trays. Once the grow mats are placed in the grow trays and lightly moistened you can sprinkle a layer of seeds. In our webshop, you can find a selection of biologically certified seeds that all perform well in the Multi-layer grow cabinet for vegetable herbs and sprouts. You just have to place the already sown seeds in the grow trays in one of the layers in the cabinet and the rest happens on its own.


Leafy greens, salads and herbs

The LEDs used in the cabinet deliver enough light to grow leafy greens very fast. To name a few examples would be watercress, mustard, basil, coriander, mint, kale and pak choi.


Fully automatic

The cabinet operates fully automatic. On the bottom floor, you will find a large water tank and two heated propagators. In the propagators, seeds can be germinated and later on placed in one of the three layers and to finish off the growth phase. This can be done in soil or whatever medium you desire. Manual watering is not needed. In the water tank in the bottom floor, a pump set on a timer is used to pump nutrient-rich water to the 3 growing layers. Once the pump turns off the water drains back into the water tank to be re-used once again. The cabinet is already energy efficient but using this system makes your set up water efficient as well. The plants will absorb the water via small holes in the pots or in the grow trays.

By using the build in timer box you are also able to control the light hours that your plant will receive. Thus making the cabinet fully automatic. Healthy plants need fresh air and therefore the cabinet comes with a powerful air extractor fan that removes warm air out of the cabinet and draws fresh CO2 rich air into the cabinet via air inlets. Before the air leaves the cabinet it will pass through a carbon filter to remove any unwanted smells that could occur.

MultMulti-layer grow cabinet for vegetables herbs and microgreens

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